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Newport Beach Recovery Center is a DCHS-licensed, Joint Commission-accredited treatment program for men & women in Newport Beach, California, just minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

Our program offers luxury amenities and evidence-based programming on an individualized basis for each and every client that walks through our doors.

We pride ourselves on helping any individual who is suffering from substance abuse, regardless of if you end up at our program or not. We believe that every person who is addicted to drugs & alcohol deserves the help they need in finding lasting recovery.

Use any of the methods below to contact our addiction treatment center in Orange County, California.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Newport Beach

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Newport Beach

Discover the many advantages of inpatient alcohol treatment in Newport Beach over outpatient programs when you get in touch with Newport Beach Recovery Center. Spend a few minutes on the phone with our admissions team to have your questions answered in full or explore our Web resources in the privacy of your own home. If you’re considering treatment for alcoholism, you have several treatment options available to you; we want to take the time to make sure you get connected with the right resources and the best program in your area when you’re ready to heal.

5 Reasons to Choose Inpatient Treatment Over an Outpatient Program

1. Before you agree to register for outpatient services, make sure the drug rehab in Newport Beach you’ve selected has your long-term recovery goals in mind and not their own bottom line. Get a second opinion, interview many different rehabs, and get informed about treatment before you sign up for a program. The biggest reason to choose inpatient recovery is that it’s highly recommended by almost all recovery specialists as the best way to prevent relapse.

2. Many drug and alcohol rehab centers are looking for ways to fill their programs; by making outpatient services look attractive, they may convince you that an outpatient program is every bit as effective as one requiring an overnight stay. Make no mistake, if you’re able to commit to long-term treatment, you’ll have the best chances at leaving addiction behind you for good.

3. An inpatient rehab can offer you 24/7 supervision and hold you accountable for your actions during early recovery, which is considered the most crucial time during treatment. Being able to go home each day after treatment may be a convenience, but unless you specifically need time at home to take care of family obligations, work, or school, you’ll benefit more from inpatient alcohol treatment in Newport Beach.

4. Luxury addiction treatment is most often found in a residential rehab; in Orange County, many such facilities are found, however, it takes research and time to find the right level of care for your recovery needs. Please take the time to reach out to Newport Beach Recovery Center to inquire about inpatient treatment. If you’re unable to commit to an overnight stay, we can accommodate your recovery needs through outpatient treatment. The important thing is to get help for your addiction in whatever form that works best for you.

5. Amenities that are found during inpatient alcohol treatment in Newport Beach make getting help for an addiction worth your effort. At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we have many perks and comfort amenities in store for you when you engage in recovery services at NBRC, such as luxury seating in our entertainment room, semi-private rooms, upscale accommodations, panoramic views of the landscape, nutritious, delicious food, comfortable group meetings, and much more.

Get help today for an addiction to alcohol or drugs by calling Newport Beach Recovery Center at 866-541-6560. Let our staff assist you in choosing the right treatment program for lasting recovery.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Newport Beach

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