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Newport Beach Recovery Center is a DCHS-licensed, Joint Commission-accredited treatment program for men & women in Newport Beach, California, just minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

Our program offers luxury amenities and evidence-based programming on an individualized basis for each and every client that walks through our doors.

We pride ourselves on helping any individual who is suffering from substance abuse, regardless of if you end up at our program or not. We believe that every person who is addicted to drugs & alcohol deserves the help they need in finding lasting recovery.

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Newport Beach Drug Detox Program

Newport Beach Drug Detox Program

One misconception about addiction is that it is permanent. That couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, a Newport Beach drug detox program can prepare you for addiction treatment, ultimately helping you recover. If you are battling with an addiction and are looking for a way out, we at Newport Beach Recovery Center can help. As one of the top Newport Beach rehabs, we are ready to guide you down the path to finding lasting sobriety. With our resources and support, you can regain control of your life and start a new, healthy, happy, meaningful, and sober life.

FAQs About Our Drug Detox Program

Cleansing your body of toxins, including drugs, is an essential first step in your recovery journey from addiction. In many cases, detoxification is crucial to the extent that you can't really make significant progress in actual healing unless you undergo a medically-assisted detox in one of the leading rehabilitation centers in Newport Beach. Here are some of the questions asked about our detoxification program.

Do I Need Detox?

As one of the premier Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehabs, medicated detox at our facility might be necessary if you experience withdrawal symptoms. A medically-assisted detox allows your system to rid itself of the drugs and other toxins while mitigating the uncomfortable side effects of quitting drug use. During detox, our specialists can give you medications to manage extreme nausea, muscle and bone pain, anxiety, and anxiety which are some of the drug withdrawal symptoms.

To try and begin substance abuse treatment when the drug’s toxins are still in your system can cause you to have stronger cravings for the drugs than before or set you up for a relapse. Thus, our drug detox program is a vital phase in your healing process.

Why Should I Choose Medical Detox Over At-Home Detox?

At-home detox has been shown to be ineffective, not to mention unsafe. Few people can withstand the mental and physical withdrawal symptoms of stopping drug use on their own, knowing using can end their pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, in your brief attempt to stop using drugs, your body can reset, and your normal dose of the substance of choice could end up being an overdose. This may result in a medical emergency that can be fatal.

On the other hand, a medically-supervised detox at our addiction treatment center in Newport Beach comes with the following benefits:

  • A thorough physical to check for any issues that can complicate the detoxification process.
  • Round the clock close monitoring and care by our qualified medical professionals.
  • Immediate stabilization, if needed.
  • Medication to deal with the discomfort and pain of withdrawal symptoms
  • Easy transition into drug addiction treatment in Newport Beach

Your Recovery is our Achievement

The road to recovery will be easier when we walk with you. We can help you break free from addiction, starting with our effective Newport Beach drug detox program. We know overcoming drug abuse is a challenging yet possible journey of healing with us by your side. Contact Newport Beach Recovery Center to speak with an accredited addiction treatment professional, and get the help you need for yourself or your loved one before it is too late: 1-855-316-8740.

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