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Newport Beach Recovery Center is a DCHS-licensed, Joint Commission-accredited treatment program for men & women in Newport Beach, California, just minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

Our program offers luxury amenities and evidence-based programming on an individualized basis for each and every client that walks through our doors.

We pride ourselves on helping any individual who is suffering from substance abuse, regardless of if you end up at our program or not. We believe that every person who is addicted to drugs & alcohol deserves the help they need in finding lasting recovery.

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Outpatient Drug Treatment Orange County

Outpatient Drug Treatment Orange County

Newport Beach Recovery Center is a reputed rehab for outpatient drug treatment in Orange County with efficient medical staff, highly qualified mental health professionals, and evidence-based therapies. Our outpatient programs help those suffering from mild chemical dependency problems break free from their destructive behavioral patterns.

How does an outpatient drug rehab work?

During the outpatient treatment, therapists engage patients in a series of recovery programs like counseling, individual and group therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, support group meetings, etc.

Outpatient therapy may be the most viable treatment option for individuals who are the primary caregivers for young children or older adults. It is an effective treatment option for those in the early stages of substance abuse. It is a more flexible recovery option, allowing you to juggle work, family commitments, and addiction treatment simultaneously. Not to mention, it is the cheapest treatment option compared to inpatient, IOP, and PHP programs.

Who to choose outpatient treatment?

Individuals battling addiction disorders who cannot afford inpatient treatment can enroll in an outpatient rehab program. This program allows you to remain at home throughout your recovery journey and requires you to commit to treatment for less than 12 hours each week. Individuals with unavoidable family commitments and those who cannot take time off from school or work can benefit from outpatient therapy substantially.

Outpatient rehab also acts as a step-down level of care for patients after residential or IOP treatment. The transition from an inpatient treatment setting to the real world can be stressful and triggering, causing many people to postpone or even avoid treatment. The outpatient program helps you have a seamless switch, strengthening your commitment to sobriety and promoting fast recovery.

Is the outpatient treatment effective?

As long as you approach the addiction treatment with an open mind and trust the process, outpatient program can be equally as effective as inpatient or IOP rehab programs. You must, however, be willing to accept your therapist’s suggestions and make healthy lifestyle changes to achieve your wellness goals.

Outpatient therapy engages patients in 1-2 hours of therapy sessions on most days of the week. The outpatient drug and alcohol treatment typically includes individual and group therapy, counseling, support group meetings, and psychotherapy healing programs. You will also have access to a network of communal support, which plays a pivotal role in strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long term. If you still have questions about the effectiveness of outpatient drug rehab in Orange County, speak to an addiction specialist to learn more.

Cost of outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment programs are much cheaper than inpatient rehab. On average, outpatient substance abuse treatment in Orange County costs between $5,000 and $10,000 for three months. Addiction treatment at luxury alcohol and drug abuse outpatient clinics can cost over $10,000. The price you pay for an outpatient or IOP rehab program depends on how frequently you visit the treatment center and for how long.

Get in touch with us at 866-541-6560 to verify your insurance with us. Newport Beach Recovery Center is a premier rehab for outpatient drug treatment in Orange County with luxury accommodations, dedicated medical staff, and the highest success rates. Contact us to begin on a life-altering journey towards sobriety.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Orange County

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