In the world of recovery and addiction treatment, household names and celebrities have come to experience addiction and become leading women in sobriety. Despite their fallings to addiction, they were able to surpass the addiction and move forward with successful careers.

Jamie Lee Curtis

A household actress, who is known for both film and television roles of since the 1980s to present, has overcome a ten-year addiction that nearly took her life. After having an intensive surgery, she developed an opioid addiction to her prescribed pain killers. Curtis would become heavily anxious without her prescription and even embraced alcohol as a substitute to cease withdrawals until she got her next prescription. Curtis fought the battle for the next ten years, until receiving treatment that put her on the road to recovery. Since her sobriety began, she has focused her time and efforts around the addiction community and reaching out to those in need of assistance.

Drew Barrymore

Since her childhood, Drew Barrymore has experienced life in front of the camera. As a teenager, Barrymore found herself smoking pot daily and addicted to cocaine. Her addiction led her thankfully to rehabilitation a couple of years later, where she was able to grasp the addiction treatment she needed and sought recovery. Since making recovery, her acting career maximized,  and she has become a leading actress in numerous feature films, a success she accredits to her recovery. Barrymore promotes her recovery in her charitable efforts, and she is a prime example of the success that you can achieve in recovery after addiction treatment.

Demi Lovato

A loved and famed Disney Channel star, Demi Lovato battled the same peer pressures as girls her age and found stress relief through addiction in the form of cocaine and alcohol. After several years of a progressively worsening addiction, Lovato understood the seriousness of her addiction when she was unable to go for a half an hour without cocaine. At that point, she reached out for recovery assistance and was able to complete addiction treatment. She is now a leading spokesperson for addiction among teenagers. She cites the fact that recovery is an ongoing treatment and encourages teenagers that experience stress and peer pressure to utilize other outlets instead of turning to addiction.

Mary J. Blige

A hip-hop icon and a role model to women, Mary J. Blige is also a recovering addict who has become a successful leader in the Women in Sobriety community. Like many of those suffering from addiction, Blige’s journey to recovery has been a long one, since she was a substance abuse user for years to deal with childhood trauma and abuse. After seeking addiction treatment, Blige used her music as her true outlet for recovery. Even throughout her early years in her career, she was still suffering from substance abuse. She decided to take on true sobriety following the death of the icon, Whitney Houston.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Another leading actress since the 1990s through present-day, Jada Pinkett-Smith has suffered from both substance abuse and alcohol abuse. Growing up in Maryland, Pinkett-Smith spent her early years around drugs. She even confessed to spending time as a drug dealer. While experimenting with drugs, her true addiction came in the form of alcohol, that became a daily habit. Pinkett-Smith decided that she did not want to have a career or family where she was dependent on alcohol. At that point, Pinkett-Smith took an addiction treatment and sought recovery. In 2017, she saw 20 years of recovery and is an advocate for women who are suffering from addiction.

Addiction is not subjected to only normal people. Celebrities and famous women find themselves fighting the same battles and suffering from the same struggles. These five women are role models for women across the United States and even the globe. Most of them have had careers that they suffered addiction during that time. What they have done, however, is embrace their sobriety and become advocates for addiction, shifting their role from actresses and musicians to include leaders of women in sobriety. Contact us today if you or a loved one are in need of help.