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Sober Living Experience in Newport Beach

Living in the Newport Beach area can be an incredible experience. From boardwalks to beaches for nature lovers to Fashion Island being a shopper’s paradise, it is a city that offers its residents a wide range of activities. It also provides individuals who are in their recovery process from addiction an opportunity to find a sober living environment so that they can continue their sobriety journey free from the temptations and triggers of everyday life.

A sober living house, or halfway house, is a transitional housing program that has a community of like-minded individuals seeking much-needed continued care in a professional setting so that they can achieve their long-term recovery goals.

Newport Beach Recovery Center, centrally located on the Balboa Peninsula, has over thirty years of combined experience treating addiction within the Orange County region. With a wide range of treatment options available, we offer a holistic and clinical approach with an individualized treatment and counseling service that is tailored to your own needs.

Part of our individualized treatment programs is our gender-specific rehabilitation services. Research has confirmed that there are fundamental biological and cultural differences between men and women when it comes to substance use disorder.1 Catering to the individual needs of each gender enables patients to receive the specialized care they deserve on their way to sobriety.


What Is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home provides a supportive and safe living environment for individuals who are recovering from substance abuse addiction. Designed to help individuals in recovery build the skills needed to live a healthy, successful life, a sober living facility provides 24/7 support, structure, and accountability to its clients. It is a great resource for those looking to get back on their feet as they re-enter society after struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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Sober Living for Men

Men’s Sober Living

Through our local male Sober Living partnerships, the male patients at our partner sober living homes can feel comfortable knowing that we understand their different needs. Through individual therapy as well as group therapy sessions, our male clients will be encouraged to set realistic goals for their future. While overcoming addiction, we want to help our male clients develop the skills needed to cope with building their successful, substance-free life.


Women’s Sober Living

Through our local female Sober Living partnerships, part of our addiction treatment with our female patients is recognizing the fact that women may be afraid to talk in therapy sessions while there are men around. We want our clients to feel safe and secure while speaking to our mental health professionals during their various types of therapy including individual counseling, and not place any additional trauma on their recovery process.

Being a resident at our partner female sober living home in Newport Beach, California, will aid our women in finding the strength and courage they need to make meaningful changes in their lives while they are on their journey of staying sober.

Couples Rehab Center

Couples Sober Living Program

For those who are at ease in a co-ed environment, our partner sober living home in Newport Beach also offers the option of a couples transitional housing program. If you are a recovering addict that is in a relationship with someone who is also seeking treatment or in early recovery, then we highly recommend couples sober transitional housing as part of your reentry program.

The last thing you need after going through a detox and starting your journey to recovery is to relapse because you have a partner that is still struggling and actively using drugs and not providing you with the support you need at such a crucial time.

By experiencing sobriety together at Newport Beach Recovery Center you are guaranteed to have a support group that understands the dangers of drug abuse and who are all working on the same long-term goal. With support in the form of marriage therapy, couples therapy, individual therapy sessions, and family counseling services, you will immediately appreciate that it is far better to attend addiction treatment at our partner sober living homes in Newport Beach than it is to try and stay sober while living at home.

Why Consider Sober Living Homes at Newport Beach Recovery Center

Firstly, we couldn’t think of a better way to stay sober than living by the sea! Successful reintegrating into society at the finest of Orange County sober living homes will give your loved ones and family members the peace of mind they need for your path to recovery.

Newport Beach Recovery Center in Southern California is a rehabilitation center that offers a range of treatment options including detoxification, residential inpatient treatment, outpatient program, intensive outpatient treatment, and sober transitional housing through our sober living partnerships that are personalized to suit each individual’s needs while on their recovery journey. We work with most major insurance carriers so that we can help our clients cover as much of the treatment costs.

A typical day at Newport Beach Recovery Center starts with breakfast and morning meditation followed by various reflection and therapy sessions including individual psychotherapy, group therapy sessions, and family counseling with our qualified therapists. The day winds down with journaling and therapeutic artwork for a creative outlet, ending off with some group relaxation and personal time after dinner.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Newport Beach


High Quality Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Newport Beach Recovery Center in Orange County, CA

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