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Inpatient Treatment in Newport Beach, CA

Our Newport Beach Residential Inpatient Program was Designed to Treat Men & Women Suffering From Substance Abuse.

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Orange County

Inpatient drug & alcohol rehab center

Newport Beach Recovery Center offers men and women an inpatient drug & alcohol rehab program secluded from the outside world at our Orange County location. Our healing environment provides the backdrop for our intensive programming in order to help men and women recover from substance abuse for good.

A person can become addicted to anything, but the word addiction usually refers to the longing and continued use of drugs and/or alcohol. The disease of addiction is a medical condition that involves obsessive use of substances in spite of unpleasant consequences. Anyone, from any walk of life, can become addicted. The disease of addiction does not discriminate.

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Who Needs Inpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse?

A person with an addiction has a strong desire to use a certain substance, such as alcohol or drugs. They continue to use the substance even when they know it will cause problems. Over time, a person with an addiction develops a tolerance and needs larger and larger amounts to feel the effects.

Recovery from addiction is possible and leads to a productive life through a variety of treatment methods. It may sound easier said than done, but recovery is a lifelong process that requires work on the client’s part in order to be successful in long-term recovery from drugs & alcohol.

The first step on the road to recovery is recognition of the problem. Once a person becomes aware that he/she has a problem, doing something about it requires action. Treatment and therapy can help addicted men and women to understand their behavior and motivations, develop higher self-esteem, and cope with stress.​ Our residential treatment center in Newport Beach CA can help aid in the recovery process through 24/7 care & treatment provided during the inpatient portion of treatment.

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What Exactly is Residential Inpatient Treatment?

An inpatient drug rehab is a residential program, meaning our clients live at our facility for a set period of time. If alcohol or drug addiction treatment is recommended or if you feel as though you cannot overcome addiction, a residential program may be in order.

One benefit of inpatient rehab is that once a client has completed detox, they are not immediately thrown back into the world and old life without any support or tools to prevent a relapse. During an inpatient program, clients can expect to attend daily therapy sessions in order to identify the root causes of each client’s substance abuse.

Our inpatient drug rehab in Newport Beach offers clients an opportunity to heal in a safe & serene environment with views of the ocean and a highly experienced staff. Our program aims to provide men and women with a safe haven in order to recover from addiction once and for all through modern, traditional, and holistic treatment methods.

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What to Expect at Our Orange County
Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Newport Beach Recovery Center offers our clients a variety of substance abuse treatment options at our program in Newport Beach. Insurance coverage for treatment varies based on your provider. We will work with you and your insurance company to minimize any out of pocket expense.

Once the detox period is complete, our clients can choose to leave and come back for outpatient treatment or stay for inpatient treatment. For most clients, an inpatient rehab program that continues past the detox period provides them with the best chance for success.

Although the worst of the physical symptoms have abated, that does not mean withdrawal is necessarily complete or that the person does not still want to abuse the drug. It’s believed that drugs typically leave the system within 3 to 7 days, however, post-acute withdrawal symptoms can last for months. The support and supervision of an inpatient program provide an added benefit when and if these withdrawal symptoms return.

A typical day in our program look like this:

Wake Up
Group Therapy
Physical Exercise
Daily Reflections
Process & Education Groups
Journaling / Therapeutic Art Work
Personal Time
Group Relaxation

Lasting Recovery is a Phone Call Away

Begin Healing at Our Orange County Luxury Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program in Newport Beach

Recovery is a lifelong process, one that requires continuous focus and intensive support. Alumni engagement provides lifetime support following intensive treatment including ongoing group and one-on-one counseling, social activities and educational programming to help sustain recovery for life. Our goal is your life-long success in recovery.

At Newport Beach Recovery Center, our goal is to help you get sober and stay sober. At our inpatient alcohol treatment in Newport Beach CA, we believe that our individualized treatment program can help you avoid relapse and find lasting recovery once and for all. Call our recovery center today at 1-855-316-8740.

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