Facilities like Newport Beach Recovery Center offer personalized programs for people struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) and dual diagnosis. We believe everyone deserves to receive individualized treatment and services during rehabilitation. There are several factors; past trauma, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and previous experiences with treatment all impact how you react to rehabilitation programs. We assess your needs and create a tailored plan to give you the best outcome possible. In addition to receiving high-quality treatment on-site, you will also have access to outside resources, including self-help and 12-Step groups, community assistance, and appropriate medical care.

How Does Newport Beach Recovery Center Personalize Care?

Newport Beach Recovery Center personalizes care by doing the following:

  • Ensuring all individual and group therapy sessions address the specific needs of each client
  • Accommodating personal, religious, and cultural traditions, including providing access to alternative holistic therapies
  • Collaborating closely with clients when creating treatment and aftercare plans
  • Providing an intimate, family-like setting that encourages healing and self-growth
  • Allowing clients to incorporate activities they enjoy into the treatment program

Clients undergo mandatory assessments and testing during admissions to ensure our care team knows what factors to consider throughout treatment. According to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), “Individualized treatment plans should consider age, gender identity, race and ethnicity, language, health literacy, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, culture, trauma history, and co-occurring physical and mental health problems.” In addition, our staff talks with each client to determine what aspects of their personal beliefs and preferences to incorporate during treatment planning.

6 Ways Personalized Care Enhances the Effectiveness of Treatment

Treatment is more effective when it takes place in an environment that uses individualized care to ensure every part of the rehabilitation caters to the client. We individualize therapy groups and individual sessions by learning what truly motivates our clients, and we work with them to create a treatment plan tailored to their lifestyle and goals. Below are six ways personalized care can improve your treatment outcome.

#1. Reduced Risk of Relapse

Relapse prevention is one of the primary goals of outpatient treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “Through its emphasis on short-term behavioral goals, individualized counseling helps the patient develop coping strategies and tools to abstain from drug use and maintain abstinence.” In addition, the personalized treatment allows you to work with your therapist to create a strategy for relapse prevention that addresses issues you will face at home, work, or school during continuing care.

#2. More Relevant Group Therapy and Activities

All therapy groups and social activities at Newport Beach Recovery Center consider each client’s history, current disorders, triggers, and preferences to ensure people feel safe and comfortable. In addition, we often group people with similar life experiences. We also have gender-specific groups that address the various motivations and underlying issues for men, women, and individuals who identify as non-binary.

#3. More Individualized Trauma Treatment

Most people with SUD have a history of trauma from experiencing or witnessing something distressing. The risk factors for trauma and substance misuse overlap, and we treat both conditions concurrently to ensure a healthy recovery. A trauma-focused approach to treatment can enhance the effectiveness of therapy and peer support. We use personal assessments to determine how best to tailor your treatment plan to decrease re-traumatization risk.

#4. Lower Risk of Developing Co-Occurring Disorders

Personalized care lowers your risk of developing co-occurring disorders during treatment and continuing care. You will have access to the resources and tools you need to cope with daily stressors related to recovery. Your mental health will improve more quickly with this type of targeted treatment.

#5. Healthier Treatment Environment

The environment at facilities like Newport Beach Recovery Center reinforces healthy social interactions. In addition, individualized treatment plans create a more inclusive space by providing a family-like community, encouraging peer support, and offering appropriate accommodations when necessary.

#6. Efficient and Effective Treatment Planning

Efficient and effective treatment planning requires team collaboration to ensure we tailor program features to the needs of each client. You will benefit from a compassionate team of professionals working with you to create a treatment and aftercare plan that will prepare you for long-term recovery.

Why We Offer Personalized Care

We strive to provide personalized care to clients struggling with SUD and co-occurring conditions. Individuals who have attended other facilities might be familiar with the extreme limitations of standardized care that do not accommodate personal needs.

Personalized care can do the following:

  • Improve communication between client and care team
  • Enhance the effectiveness of individual and group therapy
  • Ensure a safe and secure environment
  • Provide services and alternative therapies relevant to your long-term recovery

Facilities that do not have individualized treatment cannot offer the same level of support, meaning clients in standardized programs may have a more difficult time coping during aftercare.

You can maintain sobriety long-term with the help of coping skills, recovery resources, and a healthy support system. We ensure you have the tools to transition to ongoing recovery with personalized treatment and aftercare planning. Many forms of peer support are available during treatment and aftercare, including group therapy, self-help groups, 12-Step groups, advocacy organizations, recovery events, and volunteer opportunities where peers can work together to serve their community. The Newport Beach Recovery Center care team will match you with groups and individual therapies to ensure you have the best outcome possible. We also offer alumni services, including referrals to group therapy and community services in your area, where you can connect to peers and get personalized care. Learn more about our programs and aftercare services by contacting our office. Call us today at (866) 541-6560 to speak with a team member.