Substance use disorder (SUD) affects how you feel about yourself and others. Recovery from SUD involves personalized treatments that address your spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. If you have religious, cultural, or personal beliefs that impact your mental health, you may benefit from therapies that incorporate aspects of spiritual healing. According to the Journal of Religion and Health, “73% of addiction treatment programs in the USA include a spirituality-based element.” Newport Beach Recovery Center offers various evidence-based and alternative treatments, including 12-Step meetings and other resources that support spiritual healing.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spirituality can involve believing in some higher power (e.g., god, universal consciousness, etc.). Everyone has different spiritual needs based on their cultural, religious, and personal beliefs. Spiritual healing focuses on empowering and uplifting your spirit in whatever way works best for you. According to the previously mentioned research published by the Journal of Religion and Health, some people feel that spirituality is an “exceptionally powerful, integral, and indispensable [resource] in substance abuse prevention and recovery.” Faith and spirituality play a vital role in recovery for many individuals with SUD.

Do You Need to Be Religious to Benefit From Spiritual Healing?

Almost everyone believes in something bigger than themselves. Spirituality does not necessarily involve religion or traditional belief systems. Additionally, you do not have to be religious to benefit from therapies and activities that focus on spiritual healing. The most common motivations for spiritual beliefs include a desire to connect with others or find a sense of purpose. Connecting with others who share similar ideas can help you feel supported and less isolated.

Treatment plans can easily incorporate most religious or spiritual beliefs by using personalized services, including:

  • Group and individual therapy
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Family support services
  • Case management
  • Aftercare planning

Religious people often find solace and healing in their beliefs. If you participate in a particular religion or identify with spiritual practices, you might gain strength from interacting with religious leaders and peers.

Cultural Beliefs and Spiritual Healing

Some cultures have deeply held spiritual beliefs that impact how they interact with others during treatment and aftercare. For example, indigenous individuals often benefit from incorporating aspects of their culture and spirituality in treatment. According to Substance Use and Misuse, Western “treatment [emphasizes] the role of the individual,” and the “Native perspective emphasizes connections with others.” Facilities like Newport Beach Recovery Center tailor treatment plans to meet each client’s spiritual, cultural, and personal needs. Incorporating cultural beliefs into your spiritual healing and recovery empowers you to embrace positive lifestyle changes. Your culture is integral to your identity, and we respect each person’s right to celebrate their cultural traditions during treatment.

What Does Spiritual Healing Look Like During Treatment and Aftercare?

Every recovery journey is unique, and what you find comforting or empowering might not impact someone else. Your spiritual journey could involve connecting more deeply with God, nature, your internal self, or other people. No matter what a higher power looks like to you, spiritual healing often involves the following:

  • Fellowshipping with like-minded individuals
  • Meditating on personal beliefs
  • Finding encouragement and motivation in your beliefs

Spiritual healing can help you accept the need for positive changes and encourage you to continue moving forward and growing as a person.

Your Spiritual Health at Newport Beach Recovery Center

Everyone has their own beliefs that guide them through life. You may focus your spiritual energy on God, an unspecified higher power, or the importance of human connectedness. We have a treatment option that will work for you no matter what you believe. Our care team accommodates many spiritual and religious beliefs to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe while attending our programs.

Newport Beach Recovery Center uses evidence-based and alternative methods to help clients recover from the effects of substance misuse. We understand the importance of using a holistic approach to address all underlying or co-occurring issues that might complicate recovery. Individuals who identify as religious or spiritual often incorporate spirituality as an essential component of their long-term recovery. Spiritual healing improves the effectiveness of treatment and reduces the risk of relapse. If you require specific spiritual accommodations, speak to your care team or contact our office for more information about our services.

Spirituality and Ongoing Recovery

Individuals who follow a mainstream religion or faith-based movement often have a built-in support system of fellow believers to encourage them during ongoing recovery. Many churches or places of worship provide informal faith-based counseling and support for individuals recovering from SUD. You can engage with your fellow believers and receive emotional support during treatment and aftercare.

No matter what you believe, maintaining your spiritual well-being during aftercare can help you maintain emotional stability and reduce the risk of relapse. Many people with no specific beliefs attend spiritual support groups like 12-Step meetings. Our team can help you find resources that support spiritual healing during recovery.

No matter what you believe or how you feel about religion, your recovery will benefit from incorporating spiritual healing into your treatment plan. Newport Beach Recovery Center celebrates diversity and encourages clients to use alternative or holistic therapies. Spiritual healing looks different for everyone and can involve meditation, religion, spiritual self-care, or specific cultural beliefs. For some people, attending 12-Step or church meetings help them feel more centered and comfortable with their sobriety. Other people have no faith in a higher power but deeply connect to other people. We believe that everyone benefits from participating in some form of spiritual healing. To learn more about our services, call us today at (888) 850-0363.