Substance use disorder (SUD) can affect how you feel about your ability to overcome challenges in recovery. Believing that you can successfully achieve long-term sobriety will positively affect your treatment outcome. According to Addictive Behaviors, “Numerous studies have shown a strong relationship between self-efficacy beliefs . . . and drinking/drug-use outcomes.” Newport Beach Recovery Center uses evidence-based treatments and therapy to help clients build self-confidence and essential skills that encourage self-efficacy.

What Is Self-Efficacy?

Self-efficacy is the belief that you can succeed at achieving a specific behavior or desired outcome. Individuals in recovery can use it to reduce the risk of relapse and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Confidence in your ability to use the skills you learn in treatment will ensure you reach recovery goals and remain motivated.

Maintaining confidence in your abilities can help you do the following:

  • Establish healthy routines
  • Make long-term lifestyle changes
  • Set achievable goals
  • Increase self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Overcome obstacles and problem-solve creative solutions

Increased self-awareness makes it easier to identify potential issues and find healthy ways to cope with them. Your treatment outcome will benefit you if you feel fully engaged in your recovery. You will get more from each therapy session if you feel confident in your ability to follow through with the skills you learn. Your confidence can motivate you to continue making steady progress.

What Is the Role of Self-Efficacy in Recovery?

Self-efficacy reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition, you may find it easier to cope with everyday stressors if you feel confident that you can overcome them. According to Plos One, “Effective emotional regulation involves adapting strategies and deploying them effectively.” Self-efficacy can help you problem-solve and create strategies for coping with emotional distress.

Individuals with high levels of self-efficacy have an easier time regulating emotions and adopting essential coping skills. Improving how you feel about yourself and your treatment encourages faster healing and recovery. Also, self-confidence enhances self-worth and empowers significant changes, including the following:

  • Fewer negative thoughts
  • Less reliance on unhealthy relationships
  • Reduced symptoms related to co-occurring mental health issues
  • Decreased risk of developing a mood disorder
  • Lower risk of emotional or physical relapse

Believing in yourself can help you heal from the effects of substance misuse and related mental health conditions. Your determination to continue making progress motivates ongoing recovery.

How Do Programs at Newport Beach Recovery Center Improve Self-Efficacy?

The personalized treatment programs at Newport Beach Recovery Center assist clients in developing self-awareness and essential life skills. Our team will use evidence-based methods to help you feel confident in your ability to achieve and maintain sobriety successfully.

Peer Interactions

Meeting new people, creating strong social bonds, and interacting with others who have shared life experiences can improve mental health. At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we offer group therapy and activities. Each client is encouraged to practice healthy social interactions and conflict resolution. Peers are our facility can feel comfortable receiving and sharing support during treatment.

Skill Development

Developing new skills improves your ability to cope with daily stressors and challenges related to recovery. We offer educational and therapeutic sessions that teach life skills, including:

  • Various social skills, such as boundary-setting
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Emotional awareness and regulation

The Benefit of Alternative Points of View

Learning to look at your circumstances from an alternative point of view can expand your life skills. Individual and group therapy sessions provide you with essential tools for overcoming issues related to mental health and recovery. Therapists and peers may present solutions that you would not have considered on your own. We offer individual and group therapy. In addition, you can choose to attend family therapy, trauma therapy, and other alternatives. We ensure every client has the support they need to address any current or underlying issues that might affect recovery.

What Are the Physical Health Benefits of Increased Self-Efficacy?

Many people in recovery after long-term substance misuse have physical side effects that require treatment. Research has shown that physical activity and health are directly affected by self-efficacy. ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal states, “If you believe that you can perform a behavior successfully, you will be more likely to engage in that behavior.” Believing in yourself can have real-world positive health benefits.

Improving your physical health may involve major lifestyle changes to the following:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Social interactions
  • Sleep patterns

At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we encourage clients to work with our care team to develop healthy habits and increase self-efficacy. Some areas we can help you address include regular exercise and eating nutritional meals. The treatment services and therapies we offer will give you the tools you need to heal from the effects of SUD. You can achieve your recovery goals.

Self-efficacy is the belief that you can achieve a desired goal. Recovery from substance misuse is easier when you choose to focus on your strengths instead of negative thoughts. Everyone has the potential to succeed at overcoming challenges related to recovery. However, individuals who truly believe in their own ability to remain sober generally have better outcomes. You can increase self-confidence and self-efficacy through skill development and therapy. Peer and family support can also increase self-confidence. Believing in your abilities can reduce the risk of relapse and decrease the severity of symptoms. The dedicated team at Newport Beach Recovery Center uses evidence-based methods to help clients increase self-efficacy. To learn more about our programs, call us at (888) 850-0363.