A gender-specific drug rehab has two separate programs for men and women. While male and female clients may have opportunities to come together and support one another, the purpose is to remove distractions that can arise from being around the opposite sex. This arrangement can also help clients feel more comfortable talking about sensitive issues. 

Let’s learn more about what you can expect from a gender-specific drug rehab in Newport Beach, the benefits to expect and where to find this type of treatment. 

What is Gender-Specific Treatment?

Gender-specific addiction treatment refers to drug and alcohol rehab programs with two different tracks: one for men and one for women. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there are fundamental biological differences between men and women in terms of substance abuse. 

Gender differences exist in the choice of the substance, how quickly dependency forms and how the brain responds to the drug use. Research also shows that men and women have different motivating factors for using drugs and alcohol, as well as different circumstances that lead to relapse. 

A gender-specific Newport Beach drug rehab is sensitive to the various issues men and women face. They provide supportive, compassionate environments where men and women can discuss their issues separately without judgment. 

How Does Addiction Affect Men and Women Differently?

Even though addiction is the same disease, it affects men and women differently. To provide the very best care in the most supportive environment, it’s important to factor in gender and the role it plays. 

For example, men are more likely to report marijuana and alcohol use compared to women, while women are more likely to abuse prescription medications like opioids and stimulants. 

Men and women also differ in why they start using drugs or alcohol in the first place. Men tend to abuse substances to gain things like better concentration or an improved sex drive. Women, on the other hand, often turn to substance as a way to self-medicate and escape painful emotions or memories. 

It’s also important to point out that women often begin using substances in smaller amounts than men, and their drug use escalates more quickly than men. Women tend to enter treatment sooner than men, and they are more likely to suffer from co-occurring disorders like anxiety or depression. 

What are the Benefits of Seeking a Gender-Specific Rehab?

Gender-specific treatment programs are certainly not required in order to have a healthy recovery, but they are the right fit for some people. As you consider your options for addiction treatment in Newport Beach, here are some advantages of choosing gender-specific care. 

  • Specialized treatment. Men and women operate differently. A gender-specific rehab offers specialized treatment for each gender’s unique physiological, emotional and relational issues. 
  • Greater comfort. Some men and women are most comfortable going through the early days of recovery with their own sex. They have an easier time building trust and bonding with their same-sex peers.
  • Fewer distractions. In some situations, having the opposite sex around can be a distraction because it creates mental, emotional or physical tension. For example, clients may become attracted to each other. 
  • Better support. Gender-specific rehab allows for sensitive, compassionate therapy groups where each sex can discuss the social and cultural pressures they feel

Goals for Gender-Specific Treatment in Newport Beach

Because each gender has their own specific needs, each treatment program focuses on different topics of conversation. 

Women-specific treatment often covers topics surrounding pregnancy, motherhood and family life. Women who have suffered traumatic experiences also tend to do well in gender-specific programs because they may not feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics in front of the opposite sex. 

Mothers who are suffering from addiction are also good candidates for a female-led drug rehab program in Newport Beach because they can receive support from other mothers who are away from their children. Ultimately, women in these programs are able to empower one another and build a strong support system. 

For men-specific rehab, the topics of conversation often have to do with male cultural roles and stereotypes. Men are often concerned about being judged or viewed as weak, so a gender-specific program can help them feel more comfortable and accepted. They also have the opportunity to build friendships and address their physiological, psychological and emotional needs. 

Is Gender-Specific Rehab Right for You?

Substance abuse affects every person differently. While gender-specific treatment is not mandatory to recover, it does offer some people the compassion and support they need to address their issues and heal from past trauma. 

To learn more about gender-specific drug and alcohol detox in Newport Beach, contact Newport Beach Recovery Center today. We have unique tracks of care for men and women, and we understand the fundamental biological differences that play a role in addiction and recovery.