Addiction treatment is a nuanced and complicated topic. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the treatment program you are going to commit to. One of the things to consider is whether or not to travel. Travel can help the recovery process in several different ways and traveling to Southern California can be one of the best destinations for people starting or continuing their recovery. Here are five reasons why you should consider traveling for your treatment.

A Change of Scenery

One of the biggest reason to travel to Southern California for treatment is a change of scenery. Addiction isn’t just an isolated phenomenon. It can often be linked to specific places, groups of people, and settings. Staying in recovery long enough to be effective is listed as one of the key factors in success. Sometimes that means a change of scenery. Recovery is a hard process and it can get even harder if you are still in the same area that you struggle with addiction in the first place. Leaving behind that old scene might mean getting away from some of the social pressures that moved you towards addiction in the first place.

 A Fresh Start

As we already mentioned, traveling is a great way to kick of your addiction treatment. Another reason for this is getting a fresh start. Sometimes part of what we need is to break out in some place new. An environment where people aren’t familiar with the old you can be a great place to start, or continue, to heal. Traveling to Southern California for treatment can go a long way to helping you get to a good place in your sobriety. This fresh start isn’t about running away from your problems, but knowing that part of recovery is moving away from your old life and starting something new, sometimes in a new place.

Getting Away from Family

This one might sound a little backward a first. Family is a huge part of recovery and a large motivator for people to stick with their program is getting right with their families. However, there are times in our recoveries were being around family isn’t the best choice for anyone involved. You might decide that you’re early on in your recovery and still need to get right with yourself first. Another reason could be that you’re ready to get back on your feet and striking out on your own is a great way to prove to yourself that you’ve got the strength to do it!


For many of us treatment isn’t the most glamorous part of our lives. The added pressure of having family, friends, and coworkers being close to us makes this even more difficult. Traveling to the coastal regions of California can be a great way to get some privacy while you are recovering. Privacy isn’t just about saving yourself from being embarrassed, but being able to focus on your treatment without worrying about any of the social pressures that come with staying in one place for your treatment. Getting to a new location for treatment gives you the clarity you need to get the help you need. The scenery in California isn’t bad either—speaking of!

You Get to Live in Southern California

Addiction treatment isn’t a day spa, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer through it. In fact, being in a location like SoCal where the weather is uniformly warm and sunny just helps you focus on your recovery all the more. No missing appointments because you got snowed in, after all! Recovery can be an intense process and being in a relaxing and peaceful location, like a stone’s throw from a California beach, can help keep you focussed on getting towards sobriety.  Come join us at Newport Beach Recovery Center in Southern California for the best treatment. Contact us today.