Asking for help and deciding to receive treatment are important steps in the path to recovery, but just as important is your decision of where to receive treatment. Sometimes it can seem hard to travel away from your friends and family, and it may seem like staying in your comfort zone would make your rehabilitation easier. In reality, it may be a good idea to consider traveling for rehab. Sometimes reaching outside of your comfort zone is the best way to grow as a person, and it is important to not get stuck in your old habits when you are going through addiction treatment since those are the bad habits that may have contributed to your addiction.

Here are just a few of the reasons traveling for treatment may be beneficial to you:

A Fresh Start

It is easy to get stuck in old habits, especially when you are looking for comfort in the difficult process of addiction treatment, but it could be beneficial to have a fresh start. You can start from scratch, with no pre-conceived notions of who you are or bad habits you may still carry with you. Putting literal distance between you and your triggers can help you focus on your journey to recovery instead of focusing on your memories of substance abuse. A new, fresh start can also put you in the mindset of working towards your goal of recovery.

Reducing Temptation

As already mentioned, it is important to refocus your thoughts and energy away from your triggers and towards recovery. Staying near home is a clear impediment to this effort, as it is easy to get distracted thinking about your past memories about a place you’re currently in, but it is also important to not leave the opportunity for yourself to leave anytime you want. When you stay local, it is a lot easier to make excuses to leave for a short time or give up entirely, but if you are in a different state, leaving is harder and something you have to think harder about before doing. Though it is important to have a support system during your path to recovery, it is important to reduce temptation by allowing yourself some distance from home. You can have friends and family visit during your rehab program, but you should keep it separate from your priority of recovery.

Better Options for Treatment Centers

Depending on where you live, you may not have many options for treatment centers near you, and the options you do have may not be very great. If you are open to the idea of seeking addiction in another city, or even another state, then your options increase dramatically. If you consider treatment centers in other places, especially drug treatment centers in South Florida, then you are more likely to find a center that is truly right for you. Feeling comfortable with your center is important in recovery; feeling safe can help you trust those trying to help you. Don’t limit yourself when you are looking for the right facility for you. Everyone is different, so search for what is best for you.

Social and Professional Impact

Stigma still exists, and many people don’t understand addiction or addicts. You shouldn’t want to go out-of-state just to run away and hide, but it is understandable to want to get away from your local scene and deal with recovery without also dealing with the stigma and misunderstandings that many people may have about your addiction and journey to recovery. It can be beneficial for you to not have to worry about what people may think or say if they find out about your rehabilitation. When you go far away for treatment, you can maintain your privacy and do not have to worry about the judgment of others hindering your recovery. Besides, it’s always nice to get a change of scenery every now and then.