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Rehabilitation Clinic Serving Costa Mesa, CA

Welcome to Newport Beach Recovery Center, where hope meets healing on the path to recovery. Nestled in the picturesque coastal community of Newport Beach, our rehabilitation clinic offers a sanctuary for individuals in Costa Mesa, CA, to overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.

How We Can Help

At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we understand that addiction is a complex and difficult struggle. This is why we provide comprehensive, personalized treatment programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual who walks through our doors. Our compassionate team of professionals is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, offering support, encouragement, and expertise to help you achieve lasting sobriety.

From detoxification and residential treatment to outpatient services and aftercare planning, we offer a full continuum of care to address every stage of the recovery journey. Our evidence-based approach combines the latest therapeutic techniques with holistic modalities to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction, empowering you to heal from the inside out.

But our commitment to your recovery doesn’t end when you leave our doors. At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we believe in equipping our clients with the tools and resources they need to thrive in sobriety long after treatment ends. Through ongoing support groups, alumni programs, and community connections, we provide a strong foundation for sustainable recovery and a brighter, healthier future.

Located just steps from the beach, our tranquil facility offers a serene setting where you can focus on healing and self-discovery free from the distractions of everyday life. From our comfortable accommodations to our inviting communal spaces, every aspect of our environment is designed to promote relaxation, reflection, and renewal.

If you or a loved one is challenged with addiction, know that you’re not alone. Newport Beach Recovery Center is here to offer hope, help, and healing every step of the way. Take the first step toward a brighter tomorrow and contact us today to learn more about our life-changing rehab clinic. 

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