Residential treatment is a great option for individuals suffering from addiction. Unlike outpatient treatment where clients return home in between treatment sessions, residential rehab requires clients to stay at the facility. Clients generally reside at the treatment center for about one month and have access to around-the-clock care and supervision.

There are many benefits to choosing a residential treatment center in Newport Beach. The setting provided is safe and supportive, and it removes common triggers that can set people in recovery back. Clients are able to focus all of their attention on getting sober while working through some of their issues in therapy.

Even though there are many advantages to choosing a residential rehab, it is a commitment in terms of time and cost. One of the first questions that clients ask is if their family can come and visit, and if so, how often. This is a great question to ask, as family participation is a key part of the recovery process.

Are Family and Friends Allowed to Visit Me?

Each Newport Beach drug rehab program is run differently, so it’s important to check with their rules first. But in general, most residential treatment centers allow visitors during certain times. Typically, it’s only immediate family members that are allowed to visit, but some rehabs welcome friends as well, providing they are approved by the client and therapist.

While treatment facilities are generally welcoming to visitors, there are some restrictions to be aware of. First, family members will only be allowed during visiting hours. Many treatment centers offer these hours on a set day each week. They don’t typically offer them on a daily basis because this would interfere with therapy.

Second, treatment centers reserve the right to accept only those who are a good influence on your recovery. If your therapist feels that one of your family members is upsetting you, they may no longer be able to visit. Again, this depends on the treatment center, but do keep in mind that only people who support your recovery should be coming to visit.

Lastly, your loved ones will have to follow the drug rehab’s rules. Usually this includes:

  • Getting the visit approved (this is typically done by your therapist)
  • Staying in the designated visitor areas
  • Smoking only in the designated areas (if allowed)
  • No drugs or alcohol allowed

Also check with the latest coronavirus policies, as these can change at any time. If visitors are restricted due to coronavirus, the treatment center should offer an alternative so that you can see your loved ones face to face, such as telephone calls and videoconferencing.

How Soon Can My Family Visit Me?

Most treatment centers do not allow family members to visit right away. If you are going to need drug or alcohol detox, you won’t be able to have visitors during this time due to the nature of the withdrawal process. This process is physically and emotionally exhausting.

Also, some detox centers in Newport Beach also have a ‘blackout period’ where family and friends are not allowed to visit. This period usually refers to the first few days at the treatment center when you are getting acclimated to your new environment. Again, the purpose of restricting visitors is to allow you to adjust to treatment without any distraction.

Newport Beach Drug Rehab and Family Therapy

Family plays a significant role in the addiction recovery process. However, in order for family members to be a positive influence on their loved one’s recovery, they must be able to maintain a healthy role within the family unit. This is where family therapy can be very helpful.

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual – it affects the entire family. For this reason, families need therapy, too. They need to assume healthy roles and behaviors that encourage and support recovery. Most treatment facilities offer family therapy, which is another opportunity for families and loved ones to come together and work through their challenges.

Be sure to ask your drug rehab about family therapy and how often it’s offered. Generally speaking, family therapy is provided once a week.

When Visits are a Bad Idea

There are some instances where getting visits from a friend or family member is not a good idea. Avoid visits from anyone who is currently abusing drugs or alcohol. Staying clean around you is essential.

Also, your therapist may not approve a visit depending on how you’re progressing through the program. This is not to ‘punish’ you but rather to allow you to focus solely on your recovery. Sometimes, therapists find that having visitors does more harm than good.

Getting Help for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Family support leads to improved outcomes for people in recovery. Therefore, most treatment centers are welcoming to immediate family members (and sometimes close friends and extended family members). However, it’s important to follow the rules and be respectful of changing policies due to coronavirus.

Newport Beach Recovery Center is an inpatient drug rehab in Orange County. We know how important family is, and we welcome them during our visitation hours. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment program and how we can help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.