Seeking out addiction treatment is something that requires proper care to ensure that the best rehabs are considered.

Have You Met With Your Physician?

Prior to seeking out drug abuse treatment, ensure that you or your loved one qualifies for the type of drug rehab you are seeking. You will need to speak with a physician to determine the specific diagnosis and what their referral and recommendations are as far as addiction treatment. The severity of your addiction, as well as your mental state, should be considered before you find a drug rehab. If you have any previous treatment experience, your physician will have notes based on your experience with those treatments and can determine what the best path is for you. For example, their assessment of your addiction will determine if you should do short-term, long-term, or even inpatient treatments.

Is the Detox Treatment Offered?

The best rehabs offer a detox treatment for their addiction patients as an initial treatment of addiction treatment. In most cases, this treatment is essential for addicts to move forward in drug rehab. This is a process that is at the determination of the rehab facility. When you want to find a drug rehab, this is something to consider based upon the recommendations made by your physician and whether or not detox is the best option for your addiction. While at the beginning of drug abuse treatment origins, detox was almost always offered and required by facilities. Based on scientific research on the withdrawal process and evidence-based studies within these facilities, the detox treatment is not always offered as a type of treatment. This is important to consider when attempting to find a drug rehab and your personal needs for treatment.

What Are The Medicines Being Used?

Before you commit to a facility, you need to research and assess the medications used in different facilities. Based on their missions and treatments, different drug rehab facilities utilize different medications for their patients. Because so many substances are now chemically based, so the use of other chemically based medications can be detrimental for some patients. If you or your loved one has an addiction to say medications or opioids, the type of medication provided to them by the facility would need to be researched.

What is the Facility’s Quality?

When you seek out the best rehabs, it is essential to know the quality of each facility. The quality you should seek for yourself or your loved one includes the statistics of the facility and how their Alumni have continued their success after treatment. Not all patients will be successful and a quality facility will never guarantee success, but they will promote the tools and treatment necessary to be successful outside of the facility if the patient chooses to be successful. Utilizing those who have been successful gives an insight into life after addiction and inspiration.

When referencing statistics, consider the staff-to-patient ratio within the facility to ensure that proper medical staff is available for the treatments offered. The best rehabs will staff mental health counselors and other staff available to promote positive mental health while patients undergo addiction treatment.

You should also review the quality of the facility by researching any partnerships with these facilities. Quality facilities will have several partnerships or sponsors by agencies that promote their success.  If they are sponsored or affiliated by reputable companies and agencies, this is a reflection of their quality as one of the best rehabs for addiction treatment. While they do not have to be the most popular, quality rehabs do have a solid reputation behind their brand and treatment.

Still Looking to Find a Drug Rehab?

Embracing a clinical and holistic approach to addiction treatment, Newport Beach Recovery Center offers a quality drug rehab for women that includes evidence-based treatments, as well as a highly trained medical staff for all of your treatment needs. Whether you have an alcohol or substance abuse addiction, our team is ready to focus on you.