Drug addiction and alcoholism is on the rise in Newport Beach and is quickly becoming a national health crisis amongst men and women. Within the past decade, emergency room visits and deaths as a result of addiction have been steadily increasing. Addiction to prescription drugs, such as painkillers and opioids is rising at an alarming rate.

The Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ) reports that a high number of those in treatment centers report that alcohol is the drug they abuse the most, although there are many others who are stuck abusing opiates that don’t ever enroll in drug rehab. Addiction is considered a highly treatable disease by medical professionals, and recovery is attainable. However, most people need help during recovery and will be more successful when entering a treatment center or drug rehab.

What Makes Newport Beach Special?

Recovery is difficult, and those in addiction treatment centers benefit from all the support the can receive in and out of the drug rehab. Newport Beach, California is a great place to work on your personal recovery journey. Our neck of the woods is full of activities, events, and groups to offer an individual trying to better themselves and their lives.

Newport Beach, as well as Southern California as a whole, has a great climate for those who would like to recover in a beautiful area with access to outdoor activities and beaches. While the summer tends to be short, and the ‘winters’ are long, the temperature rarely drops below 50 degrees or rises above 87 degrees. While it does rain here from time-to-time, the rainy period only lasts from November to late April. Additionally, there are very few days where the humidity is oppressive or even noticeable.

Newport Beach is on the coast of Southern California. Our neighborhood is home to a large boat-filled harbor and an amusement park, complete with a Ferris wheel and a fun zone. The local are beaches Corona del Mar State Beach and the Wedge, which is known for big waves and an average water temperature in the 60s for most of the year. These beaches are perfect for swimming or surfing. It also boasts the Orange County Museum of Art which has modern and contemporary art on display. There are also local concerts available for music lovers.

The Recovery Community in Orange County, California

Orange County has a chapter of AA, NA, and other fellowships. Furthermore, our little oasis offers many meeting areas and times in the community. There are twelve step groups and many other support groups available to individuals and their families. These support groups range from the typical discussion type individual and group meetings.

Some support groups offer personal training and therapies with animals, such as dogs and horses. There are also some support groups that offer rock climbing and hiking. Many support groups offer therapy such as trauma therapy for those who have a need for extensive therapy due to trauma that has occurred, sometimes as a result of addiction, but not always. There are groups that provide assistance with any medical issues that may arise for individuals who are working through recovery from all types of substance abuse.

What to Do in Newport Beach

Many women in recovery are searching for peace within themselves and a place to find some calm and tranquility during the recovery journey. Newport Beach offers a serene environment in which individuals can focus on recovering while surrounded by the waves on the beach, comfortable temperatures and actives. Individuals can enjoy leisurely walks or bikes rides on the walking trails along the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve. The Reserve also has hiking trails for the more adventurous.

There are boating excursions available, like chartering a fishing boat, whale watching, or a boat ride to Catalina. There is also plenty of shopping available in the villages for those who want to stroll through cute little shops and boutiques. Newport Beach also features many beautiful parks, which are perfect for a picnic lunch, curling up with a book, or watching the sunset.

There are many fun, sober activities in the Newport Beach community and surrounding areas like Costa Mesa. Orange County is full of healthy, fun activities. Some of these include gardening sessions, yoga, and meditation.

Find Recovery at Newport Beach Recovery Center

Here at Newport Beach Recovery Center, we not only focus on the problem but place on a strong emphasis on the solution. While you’ll go through intense therapy and a completely individualized treatment plan, we like to incorporate fun, sober activities. No one gets sober to be bored. Call us now at 1-855-213-3869.